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Guitar & Mic Smart Audio Interface


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Free Bias fx Redeem Code

From now on, a redeem code card will be included in the packing box of the XTONE, XTONE Pro/Duo for free. This redeem code worth $20 is used to unlock BIAS FX Essential pack (iOS Only).


High-quality audio interface with midi controller

Customer Testimonials

Oh it’s one of the most awesome things I own, I’ve replaced my entire rig with it and running that with my iPad and a Fender twin reverb. It’s fantastic for me because I don’t have any room for a pedalboard in front of me because I already have the pedals on my steel guitar so to have the iPad running and with the three buttons on the box I’m able to control everything it’s very simple to set up and the sound is fantastic!

Hexx Henderson

Perfect for guitar on IOS – Amazing interface for guitar on ipad! I especially love the fact that it doesn’t need a power supply or batteries to work. Great sound with more than enough volume. Built like a tank. I’ve used it on a couple of bar jams☺ Perfect!!!

Fernando O

Excellent product. This interface is well thought-out, well laid-out, and enables preset changes with almost no lag. If you are app-based guitar modeling, this is cost-effective, all-in-one solution you should definitely check out!


No latency, very good quality with guitars and bass, very happy with it. iPad and iPhone both tested successfully, Very well built, aluminum solid. Worth every euro.


I just got an xtone pro midi pedal for my effect switching on bias fx. It’s really cool and I wanted to show it off.

Aaron H

I travel a lot and I’m totally in for these kind of “all you need in one box” stuff. I would definitely take this pedal on the road practically every week. Cool, loved it.

Matheus Porto De Marchi Matheus Porto De Marchi

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